Get ready to churn out those bangin beats!

Posted: September 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

I know what yall need in your productions. The games been falling alsleep lately. Everybodys getting the right software but they just don’t have the right sounds.

The truth is that theres a reason the hottest sounds used by big-name producers arent easy to find. The few folks who got the right connections and the dopest drums and samples want to charge you money for them!

But I’m here to change that! I want to give you guys, the producers, industry-quality sounds that bang like the commercial records recorded in million dollar studios… all for FREE!

Stick around as I’ll be uploading some extremely rare and valuable stuff very soon. I want to hear you folks start making some real hot instrumentals soon. Stay Tuned.


They sure do look sweet though.


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